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transform the pyramid! The answer had been right in front of them all night. Katherine and Langdon were alone now, dashing through the cathedrals annex, following signs for The Garth. Now, exactly as the dean had promised, they burst out of the cathedral into a massive, walled-in courtyard. The cathedral gart all black ray ban clubmaster h was a cloistered, pentagonal garden with a bronze postmodern fountain. Katherine was amazed how loudly the fountains flowing water seemed to be reverberating in the courtyard. Then she realized it was not the fountain she was hearing. Helicopter! she shouted as a beam of light pierced the night sky above them. Get under that portico! The dazzling glare of a searchlight flooded the garth just all black ray ban clubmaster as Langdon and Katherine reached the other side, slipping beneath a Gothic arch into a tunnel

wrong. I just called field support, Sato said, and the all black ray ban clubmaster y cant find him either. Holy shit. Do they have a GPS location on the Escalade? Yeah. A residential address in Kalorama Heights, Sa all black ray ban clubmaster to said. Gather your men. Were pulling out. Sato clicked off her phone and gazed out at the majestic skyline of her nations capital. An icy wind whipped through her light jacket, and she wrapped her arms around herself to stay warm. Director Inoue Sato was not a woman who often felt cold . . . or fear. At the moment, however, she was feeling both. CHAPTER 106 Malakh wore only his silk loincloth as he dashed up the ramp, through the steel door, and out through the painting into his living room. I need to prepare quickly. He glanced over at the dead CIA agent in the foyer. This home is no longer safe. Carrying

precious treasures are often the simplest. Above the altar, wisps of fragrant smoke now swirled, billowing up from the censer. The suffumigations ascended through the shaft of moonlight, clearing a channe all black ray ban clubmaster l skyward through which a liberated soul could travel freely. The time had come. Malakh retrieved the vial of Peters darkened blood and uncorked it. With his captive looking on, he dipped the nib of the crows feather into the crimson tincture and raised it to the sacred circle of flesh atop his head. He paused a moment . . . thinking of how long he had waited for this n all black ray ban clubmaster ight. His great transformation was finally at hand. When the Lost Word is written on the mind of man, he is then ready to receive unimaginable power. Such was the ancient promise of apotheosis. So far, mankind had been

heals the body? Creates no waste? Dont you see? These are code words, Robert! Temple is code for ‘body. Heaven is code for ‘mind. Jacobs ladder is your spine. And manna is this rare brain secretion. When you see these code words in Scripture, pay attention. They are often markers for a more profound meaning concealed beneath the surface. Katherine all black ray ban clubmaster s words were coming out in rapid-fire succession now, explaining how this same magical substance appeared throughout the Ancient Mysteries: Nectar of the Gods, Elixir of Life, Fountain of Youth, Philosophers Stone, ambrosia, dew, ojas, soma. Then she launched into an explanation about the brains pineal gland representing the all-seeing eye of God. According to Matthew 6:22, she said excitedly, all black ray ban clubmaster ‘when your eye is single, your body fills with

over a desk, there all black ray ban clubmaster sat what appeared to be a little girl. Her face was turned away as we entered, but we could see that she was dressed in a red frock, and that she had long white gloves on. As she whisked round to us, I gave a cry of surprise and horror. The face which she turned towards us was of the strangest livid tint, and the features were absolutely devoid of any expression. An instant later the mystery was explained. Holmes, with a laugh, passed his hand behind the childs ear, a mask peeled off from her countenance, an there was a little coal black negress, with all her white teeth flashing in amusement at our amazed faces. I burst out laughing, out of sympathy with her merriment; but Grant Munro stood staring, with his all black ray ban clubmaster hand clutching his throat. My God! he cried. What can be the

centre of this old part, is chiselled the date, 1607, but experts are agreed that the beams and stone-work are really much older than this. The enormously thick walls and tiny windows of this part had in the last century driven the family into building the new wing, and the old one was used now as a store-house and a cellar, when it was used at all. A splendid park with fine old timber surrounds the house, and the lake, to which my client had referred, lay close to the avenue, about tow hundred yards from the bui all black ray ban clubmaster lding. I was already firmly convinced, Watson, that there were not three separate mysteries here, but one only, and that if I could read the Mus-grave Ritual aright I should hold in my hand the clue which would lead me to the truth concerning both the b all black ray ban clubmaster utler Brunton and the maid

qualities, why are you not in practice? I shrugged my shoulders. Come, come! said he, in his bustling w all black ray ban clubmaster ay. Its the old story. More in your brains than in your pocket, eh? What would you say if I were to start you in Brook Street? I stared at him all black ray ban clubmaster in astonishment. Oh, its for my sake, not for yours, he cried. Ill be perfectly frank with you, and if it suits you it will suit me very well. I have a few thousands to invest, dye see, and I think Ill sink them in you. But why? I gasped. Well, its just like any other speculation, and safer than most. What am I to do , then? Ill tell you. Ill take the house, furnish it, pay the maids, and run the whole place. All you have to do is just to wear out your chair in the consulting-room. Ill let you have pocket-money and everything. Then you hand over to

of course, that his boots had been resoled. Now, Watson, I wont detain you from your legitimate work any longer. I shall do nothing more to-day, unless I have an answer to my cab advertisement. But I should be extremely obliged to you if you would come down with me to Woking to-morrow, by the same train which we took yesterday. I met him accordingly next morning and we travelled do all black ray ban clubmaster wn to Woking together. He had had no answer to his advertisement, he said, and no fresh light had been thrown upon the case. He had, when all black ray ban clubmaster he so willed it, the utter immobility of countenance of a red Indian, and I could not gather from his appearance whether he was satisfied or not with the position of the case. His conversation, I remember, was about the Bertillon system of measurements, and he expressed his