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being flipped over onto her stomach like a rag doll. A heavy knee ground into her back, and for a moment, she thought she would break in two. He grabbed her arms and pulled them backward. With her head now turned to one side and her cheek pressed into the carpet, Katherine could see Langdon, his body still jerking, facing awa clubmaster sunglasses ray ban y from her. Beyond that, Agent Hartmann lay motionless in the foyer. Cold metal pinched Katherines wrists, and she realized she was being bound with wire. In terror, she tried to pull away, but doing so sent searing pain into her hands. This wire will cut you if you move, the m clubmaster sunglasses ray ban an said, finishing with her wrists and moving down to her ankles with frightening efficiency. Katherine kicked at him, and he threw a powerful fist into the back of her right thigh, crippling her

p clubmaster sunglasses ray ban rivate experimentation, although the addition of heavy, lockable latches left little doubt in Satos mind that this tank had also been used for d clubmaster sunglasses ray ban arker applications . . . an interrogation technique with which the CIA was familiar. The infamous interrogation technique of water boarding was highly effective because the victim truly believed he was drowning. Sato knew of several classified operations in which sensory-deprivation tanks like these had been used to enhance that illusion to terrifying new levels. A victim submerged in breathable liquid could literally be drowned. The panic associated with the drowning experience usually made the victim unaware that the liquid he was breathing was slightly more viscous than water. When the liquid poured into his lungs, he would often black out from

not engraved any clubmaster sunglasses ray ban where in the nations capital . . . particularly on a giant stone over a staircase. Peter, he said, I dont see how this sheds any light at all. I know of no stone in D.C. engraved with this . . . message. Solomon patted him on the shoulder. You have walked past it and never seen it. We all have. It is sitting in plain view, like the mysteries themselves. And tonight, when I saw these seven symbols, I realized in an instant that the legend was true. The Lost Word is buried in D.C. . . . and it does rest at the bottom of a long staircase beneath an enormous engraved stone. Mystified, Langdon remained silent. Robert, tonight I believe you have earned the right to know the truth. Langdon stared at Peter, t clubmaster sunglasses ray ban rying to process what he had just heard. Youre going to tell me where the

wild upon the moor? He would surely have been seen by now. And why should gypsies kidnap him? These people always clear out wh clubmaster sunglasses ray ban en they hear of trouble, for they do not wish to be pestered by the pol clubmaster sunglasses ray ban ice. They could not hope to sell such a horse. They would run a great risk and gain nothing by taking him. Surely that is clear. Where is he, then? I have already said that he must have gone to Kings Pyland or to Mapleton. He is not at Kings Pyland. Therefore he is at Mapleton. Let us take that as a working hypothesis and see what it leads us to. This part of the moor, as the Inspector remarked, is very hard and dry. But if falls away towards Mapleton, and you can see from here that there is a long hollow over yonder, which must have been very wet on Monday night. If our supposition is correct,

became so convinced that I was causing him uneasiness that I drew my visit to a close. On the very day, however, before I left, and incident occurred which proved in the sequel to be of importance. We were sitting out upon the lawn on garden chairs, the three of us, basking in the sun and admiring the view across the Broads, when a maid came out to say that there was a man at the door who wanted to see Mr. Trevor. What is his name? asked my host. He would not give any. What does he want, then? He says that you know him, and that he only wants a moments conversation. Show him round here. An instant afterwards there appeared a little wizened fellow with a cringing manner and a shambling style of walking. clubmaster sunglasses ray ban He wore an open jacket, with a splotch of tar on the sleeve, a red clubmaster sunglasses ray ban and-black check shirt,

I was absolutely sure not only that the Cunninghams had again lied, but that there had never been any unknown man upon the scene at all. And now I have to consider the motive of this singular crime. To get at this, I endeavoured first of all to solv clubmaster sunglasses ray ban e the reason of the original burglary at Mr. Actons. I understood, from something which the Colonel told us, that a lawsuit had been going on between you, Mr. Acton, and the Cunninghams. Of course, it instantly occurred to me that they had broken into your library with the intention of getting at some docume clubmaster sunglasses ray ban nt which might be of importance in the case. Precisely so, said Mr. Acton. There can be no possible doubt as to their intentions. I have the clearest claim upon half of their present estate, and if they could have found a single paperwhich,

Holmes. I do not know where I was, nor whom I spoke with, nor anything save what I have told you. But I know that there is foul play going on, and I want to help that unhappy man if I can. I told the whole story to Mr. Mycroft Holmes next morning, and subsequently to the police. We all sat in silence for some little time after listening to this extraordinary narrative. Then Sherlock looked across at h clubmaster sunglasses ray ban is brother. Any steps? he asked. Mycroft picked up the Daily News, which was lying o clubmaster sunglasses ray ban n the side-table. Anybody supplying any information to the whereabouts of a Greek gentleman named Paul Kratides, from Athens, who is unable to speak English, will be rewarded. A similar reward paid to any one giving information about a Greek lady whose first name is Sophy. X 2473. That was in all the dailies.

Newhaven, and so over to Dieppe. Moriarty will again do what I should do. He will get on to Paris, mark down our luggage, and wait for two days at the depot. In the meantime we shall treat ourselves to a couple of carpet-bags, encourage the manufactures of the countries through which we travel, and make our way at our clubmaster sunglasses ray ban leisure into Switzerland, via Luxembourg and Basle. At Canterbury, therefore, we alighted, only to find that we should have to wait an hour before we could get a train to Newhaven. I was still looking rather ruefully after the rapidly disappearing luggage-van which contained my wardro clubmaster sunglasses ray ban be, when Holmes pulled my sleeve and pointed up the line. Already, you see, said he. Far away, from among the Kentish woods there rose a thin spray of smoke. A minute later a carriage and engine