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hear anyone. You will, Galloway said, heading for the door. Hurry. Across town, a cell tower was attempting to contact a phone that lay in pieces on Massachusetts Avenue. Finding ray ban aviators for women no signal, it redirected the call to voice mail. Robert! Warren Bellam ray ban aviators for women ys panicked voice shouted. Where are you?! Call me! Something terrible is happening! CHAPTER 86 In the cerulean glow of his basement lights, Malakh stood at the stone table and continued his preparations. As he worked, his empty stomach growled. He paid no heed. His days of servitude to the whims of his flesh were behind him. Transformation requires sacrifice. Like many of historys most spiritually evolved men, Malakh had committed to his path by making the noblest of flesh sacrifices. Castration had been less painful than he had imagined. And,

zodiacal creatures peering down at her. It looked like a mad scientist had gotten loose in the Sistine Chapel. Turning her head, Katherine looked away, but the wall to her left was no better. A series of candles on medieval floor stands shed a flickering glow on a wall that was completely hidden beneath pages of text, photos, and ray ban aviators for women drawings. Some of the pages looked like papyrus or vellum torn from ancient books; others were obviously from newer texts; mixed in were photographs, drawings, maps, and schematics; all of them appeared to have been glued to the wall with meticulous care. A spiderweb of strings had been thumbtacked across them, interconnecting them in limitless chaotic possib ray ban aviators for women ilities. Katherine again looked away, turning her head in the other direction. Unfortunately, this provided

he gazed up at the moon through the ocul ray ban aviators for women us above. Then he began to speak. All great truths are simple. Malakh had learned that long ago. The solution that Peter Solomon was now explaining was so graceful and pure that Malakh was sure that it could only be true. Incredibly, the solution to the pyramids final code was far simpler than he had ever imagined. The Lost Word was right before my eyes. In an instant, a bright ray of light pierced the murkiness of the history and myth surrounding the Lost Word. As promised, the Lost Word was indeed written in an ancient language and bore mystical power in every philosophy, religion, and science ever known to man. Alchemy, astro ray ban aviators for women logy, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, astronomy, physics, Noetics . . . Standing now in this

tha ray ban aviators for women t the Bible is encoded with scientific information. It certainly is, she said. And if you dont believe Peter, read some of Newtons esoteric texts on the Bible. When you start to understand the cryptic parables in the Bible, Robert, you realize its a study of the human mind. Langdon shrugged. I guess Id better go back and read it again. Let me ask you something, she said, clearly not appreciating his skepticism. When the Bible tells us to ‘go build our temple . . . a temple that we must ‘build with no tools and making no noise, what temple do you think its talking about? Well, the text does say your body is a t ray ban aviators for women emple. Yes, Corinthians 3:16. You are the temple of God. She smiled at him. And the Gospel of John says the exact same thing. Robert, the Scriptures are well aware of the power

is all surmise. But at least it covers all the facts. When new facts come to our knowledge ray ban aviators for women which cannot be covered by it, it will be time enough to reconsider it. We can do nothing more until we have a message from our friend at Norbury. But we had not a very long time to wait for that. It came just as we had finished our tea. The cottage is still tenanted, it said. Have seen the face again at the window. Will meet the seven o ray ban aviators for women clock train, and will take no steps until you arrive. He was waiting on the platform when we stepped out, and we could see in the light of the station lamps that he was very pale, and quivering with agitation. They are still there, Mr. Holmes, said he, laying his hand hard upon my friends sleeve. I saw lights in the cottage as I came down. We shall settle it now once

maid was gone. The maid had loved the butler, but had afterwards had cause to hate him. She was of Welsh blood, fiery and passionate. She had been terribly excited immediately after his disappearance. She ray ban aviators for women had flung into the lake a bag containing some curious contents. These were all factors which had to be taken into consideration, and yet none of them got quite to the heart of the matter. What was the starting-point of this c ray ban aviators for women hain of events? There lay the end of this tangled line. I must see that paper, Musgrave, said I, which this butler of your thought it worth his while to consult, even at the risk of the loss of his place. It is rather an absurd business, this ritual of ours, he answered. But it has at least the saving grace of antiquity to excuse it. I have a copy of the questions and

said he. My publishers gave me a most discouraging account of its sale. You are yourself, I presume, a medical man? A retired army surgeon. My own hobby has always been nervous disease. I should wish to make it an absolute speciality, but, of course, a man must take what he can get at first. This, however, is beside the question, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, and I quite appreciate how valuable your time is. The fact is that a very singular train of events has occurred recently at my house in Brook Street, and to-night they came to such a head that I felt it was qu ray ban aviators for women ite impossible for me to wait another hour before asking for your advice and assistance. Sherlock Holmes sat down and lit his pipe. You are very welcome ray ban aviators for women to both, said he. Pray let me have a detailed account of what the circumstances are

seated us on the two ray ban aviators for women luxuriant lounges on either side of the fireplace. Standing on the run between us, with his slight, tall figure, his sharp features, thoughtful face, and curling hair prematurely tinged with grey, he seemed to represent that not to common type, a nobleman who is in truth noble. You name is very familiar to me, Mr. Holmes, said he, smiling. And, of course, I cannot pretend to be ignorant of the object of your visit. There has only been once occurrence in these offices which could call for your attention. In whose interest are you acting, may I ask? In that of Mr. Percy Phelps, answered Holmes. Ah, my unfortunate nephew! You can understand that our kinship makes it the more impossible for me to screen him in any way. I fear that the incide ray ban aviators for women nt must have a very prejudicial