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Usually this meant a human form moving through a cool space, but what appeared on the monitor was more of a thermal cloud, a patch of hot air drifting across the lawn. The pilot found the source, an active vent on the side of Cathedral College. Probably nothing, he thought. He saw these kinds of gradients all the time. Someone cooking or doing laundry. As he was about to turn away, though, he realized some ray ban aviators prescription thing odd. There were no cars in the parking lot and no lights on anywhere in the building. He studied the UH-60s imaging system for a long moment. Then he radioed down t ray ban aviators prescription o his team leader. Simkins, its probably nothing, but . . . Incandescent temperature indicator! Langdon had to admit, it was clever. Its simple science, Katherine said. Different substances incandesce at different

had carried the burden of responsibility for his sons death. He had told Katherine many times that leaving Zachary in prison had been the wo ray ban aviators prescription rst mistake of his life, and that he would never find a way to forgive himself. A slamming door drew Katherines attention, and suddenly she was back in the basement, lying on a cold stone table. The metal door at the top of the ramp had closed loudly, and the tattooed man was coming back down. She could hear him entering one of the rooms down the hall, doing something inside, and then continuing along the hall toward the room she was in. As he entered, she could see that he was pushing something in front of him. Something heavy . . . on wheels. As he stepped int ray ban aviators prescription o the light, she stared in disbelief. The tattooed man was pushing a person in a wheelchair.

finish it! For an instant, Solomon f ray ban aviators prescription elt like he was floating outside his own body. He no longer recognized himself. He was missing a hand, was totally bald, dressed in a black robe, sitting in a wheelchair, and clutching an ancient knife. Finish it! the man shouted again, the tattoos on his naked chest rippling. Killing me is the only way you can save Katherine . . . the only w ray ban aviators prescription ay to save your brotherhood! Solomon felt his gaze move to the laptop and cellular modem on the pigskin chair. SENDING MESSAGE: 92% COMPLETE His mind could not shake the images of Katherine bleeding to death . . . or of his Masonic brothers. There is still time, the man whispered. You know its the only choice. Release me from my mortal shell. Please, Solomon said. Dont do this . . . You did this! the man hissed. You

the little stone box Peter had entrusted to him. The cube, he now realized, had unhinged and opened to form the same exact geometrical forma cro ray ban aviators prescription ss with a circumpunct at its center. Langdon had to laugh. Even that little box was hinting at this crossroads. Robert, look! Katherine pointed to the top of the monument. Langdon lifted his gaze but saw nothing. Then, staring more intently, he glimpsed it. Across the Mall, a tiny speck of golden sunlight was glinting off the highest tip of the towering obelisk. The ray ban aviators prescription shining pinpoint grew quickly brighter, more radiant, gleaming on the capstones aluminum peak. Langdon watched in wonder as the light transformed into a beacon that hovered above the shadowed city. He pictured the tiny engraving on the east-facing side of the aluminum tip and realized

brother, Harry Pinner, is promoter, and joins the board after allotment as managing director. He knew I was in the swim down here, and asked me to pick up a good man cheap. A young, pushing man with plenty of snap about him. Parker spok ray ban aviators prescription e of you, and that brought me here tonight. We can only offer you a beggarly five ray ban aviators prescription hundred to start with. Five hundred a year! I shouted. Only that at the beginning; but you are to have an overriding commission of one per cent on all business done by your agents, and you may take my word for it that this will come to more than your salary. But I know nothing about hardware. Tut, my boy; you know about figures. My head buzzed, and I could hardly sit still in my chair. But suddenly a little chill of doubt came upon me. I must be frank with you, said I. Mawson

came within reach of a man who tore its secret out of it and lost his life in the venture. And thats the story of the Musgrave Ritual, Watson. They have the crown down at Hurlstonethough they had some legal bother and a considerable sum to pay before they were allowed to retain it. I am sure that if you mentioned my name they would ray ban aviators prescription be happy to show it to you. Of the woman nothing was ever heard, and the probability is that she got away out of England and carried ray ban aviators prescription herself and the memory of her crime to some land beyond the seas. Chapter 6 Chapter 6 The Reigate Puzzle It was some time before the health of my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes recovered from the strain caused by his immense exertions in the spring of 87. The whole question of the Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossal schemes

said he, pulling up the blind. Look at thisa sheet from a note-book, with For Gods sake come at onceP. T., scrawled upon it in pencil. Our friend, the doctor, was hard put to it when he wrote this. Come along, my dear fellow, for its an urgent call. In a quarter of an hour or so we were back at the physicians house. He came running out to meet us with a face of horror. Oh, such a business! he cried, with his hands to his temples. What then? Blessin ray ban aviators prescription gton has committed suicide! Holmes whistled. Yes, he hanged himself during the night. We had entered, and the doctor had preceded us into what was evidently his waiting-room. I really hardly know what I am doing, he cried. The police are already upstairs. I ray ban aviators prescription t has shaken me most dreadfully. When did you find it out? He has a cup of tea taken in to

a mischievous twinkle, I suppose that you have no objection to helping me? Phelps raised the cover, and as hi did so he uttered a scream, and sat there staring with a face as white as the plate upon which he looked. Across the centre of it was lying a little cyli ray ban aviators prescription nder of blue-grey paper. He caught it up, devoured it with his eyes, and then danced madly about the room, passing it to his bosom and shrieking out in his delight. Then he fell back into an arm-chair so limp and exhausted with his own emotions that we had to pour b ray ban aviators prescription randy down his throat to keep him from fainting. There! there! said Holmes, soothing, patting him upon the shoulder. It was too bad to spring it on you like this, but Watson here will tell you that I never can resist a touch of the dramatic. Phelps seized his hand and