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thank you. You are correct, of course. Langdon now realized he had just been played. He knew all that. The circumpunct, Galloway said, still smiling to himself, is essentially the symbol of the Ancient Mysteries. For this reason, I would suggest that its presenc ray ban classic aviator e in this box is not mere coincidence. Legend holds that the secrets of this map are hidden in the smallest of details. Fine, Katherine said, but even if this symbol was inscribed there intentionally, it doesnt bring us any closer to deciphering the map, does it? You mentioned ray ban classic aviator earlier that the wax seal you broke was embossed with Peters ring? Thats correct. And you said you have that ring with you? I do. Langdon reached into his pocket, found the ring, took it out of the plastic bag, and placed it on the desk in front of the dean.

as if his very flesh were preparing to shield his mind from the pain of death. The water was now threatening to pour into his ears, and he lifted his head as far as he could, pushing it against the top of the crate. Frightening images ray ban classic aviator began flashing before his eyes. A boy in New England treading water at the bottom of a dark well. A man in Rome trapped beneath a skeleton in an overturned coffin. Katherines shouts were growing more frantic. From all Langdon could hear, she was trying to reason with a madmaninsisting that Langdon could not be expected to decipher the pyramid without going to visit the Almas Temple. That building obviously holds the missing piece to this puzzle! How can Rob ray ban classic aviator ert decipher the pyramid without all the information?! Langdon appreciated her efforts, and yet he felt

dollar bill . . . a close-up focusing on the Great Seal . . . the all-seeing eye . . . the unfinished pyramid . . . and then, abruptly, pulling away to reveal a similar shape in the distance . . . a massive pyramidical building . . . with sloping sides rising to a truncated top. The House of the Temple. A soul-deep dread swelled within him. The video kept moving . . . the man hurrying toward the building now . . . up t ray ban classic aviator he multitiered staircase . . . toward the giant bronze doors . . . between the two seventeen-ton sphinx guardians. A neophyte entering the pyramid of initiation. Darkness now. ray ban classic aviator A powerful pipe organ played in the distance . . . and a new image materialized. The Temple Room. Langdon swallowed hard. On-screen, the cavernous space was alive with electricity. Beneath the oculus,

his voice to a whisper. The Buddha said, ray ban classic aviator ‘You are God yourself. Jesus taught that ‘the kingdom of God is within you and even promised us, ‘The works I do, you can do . . . and greater. Even the first antipopeHippolytus of Romequoted the same message, first uttered by the gnostic teacher Monoimus: ‘Abandon the search for God . . . instead, take yourself as the starting place. Langdon flashed on the House of the Temple, where the Masonic Tylers chair bore two words of guidance carved across its back: KNOW THYSELF. A wise man once told me, Peter said, his voice faint now, the only difference between you and God is that you ha ray ban classic aviator ve forgotten you are divine. Peter, I hear youI do. And Id love to believe we are gods, but I see no gods walking our earth. I see no superhumans.You can point to

after theory, each more u ray ban classic aviator nlikely than ray ban classic aviator the last. I should have gone to the City that day, but I was too disturbed in my mind to be able to pay attention to business matters. My wife seemed to be as upset as myself, and I could see from the little questioning glances which she kept shooting at me that she understood that I disbelieved her statement, and that she was at her wits end what to do. We hardly exchanged a word during breakfast, and immediately afterwards I went out for a walk, that I might think the matter out in the fresh morning air. I went as far as the Crystal Palace, spent an hour in the grounds, and was back in Norbury by one oclock. It happened that my way took me past the cottage, and I stopped for an instant to look at the windows, and to see if I could catch a glimpse of

shaken hands. You probably heard of my poor fathers death, said he; he was carried off about two years ago. Since then I have of course had the Hurl-stone estates to manage, and as I am member for my district as well, my life has been a busy one. But I understand, Holmes, that you are turning to practical ends those powers with which you used to amaze us? Yes, said I, I have taken to living by my wits. I am delighted to hear it, for your advice at present would be exceedingly valuable to me. We have had some very strange doings at Hurl-stone, and the police have been abl ray ban classic aviator e to throw no light upon the matter. It is really the most extrao ray ban classic aviator rdinary and inexplicable business. You can imagine with what eagerness I listened to him, Watson, for the very chance for which I had been panting during all

on the fender. But he was dead before he fell. I read death on his face as plain as I can read that text over the fire. The bare sight of me was like a bullet through his guilty heart. And then? ray ban classic aviator Then Nancy fainted, and I caught up the key of the door from her hand, intending to unlock it and get help. But as I was doing it it seemed to me better to leave it alone and get away, for the thing might look black against me, and any way my secret would be out if I were taken. In my haste I thrust the key into my pocket, and dropped my stick while I was chasing Teddy, w ray ban classic aviator ho had run up the curtain. When I got him into his box, from which he had slipped, I was off as fast as I could run. Whos Teddy? asked Holmes. The man leaned over and pulled up the front of a kind of hutch in the corner. In an

forfeited. The invalid sank back upon his cushions, tired out by this long recital, while his nurse poured him out a glass of some stimulating medicine. Holmes sat silently, with his head thrown back and his eyes closed, in an attitude which might seem listless to a stran ray ban classic aviator ger, but which I knew betokened the most intense self-absorption. You statement has been so explicit, said he at last, that you have really left me very few questions to ask. There is one of the very utmost importance, however. Did you tell any one that you had this special task to perform? No one. Not Miss Harrison here, for example? No. I had not been back to Woking between getting the order and executing the ray ban classic aviator commission. And none of your people had by chance been to see you? None. Did any of them know their way about in