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Its called the Almas Shrine Temple, and its the headquarters of a mystical order. Simkins had worked in the D.C. area for a long time but was not familiar with this temple or any ancient mystical order headquartered on Franklin Square. This building, Sato sa ray ban clubmaster id, belongs to a group called the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Never heard of them. I think you have, Sato said. Theyre an appendant body of the Masons, more commonly known ray ban clubmaster as the Shriners. Simkins shot a dubious glance at the ornate building. The Shriners? The guys who build hospitals for kids? He could imagine no order less ominous sounding than a fraternity of philanthropists who wore little red fezzes and marched in parades. Even so, Satos concerns were valid. Maam, if our target realizes that this building

was lucky to have lived long enough to say good-bye to her brother. Please, Peter begged, his voice ragged. Send an ambulance for her . . . I will do exactly that. But first you must tell me how to access the secret staircase. Peters expression turned to one of disbelief. What?! The staircase. Masonic legend speaks of stairs that descend hundreds of feet to the secret location where the Lost Word is ray ban clubmaster buried. Peter now looked panicked. You know the legend, Malakh baited. A secret staircase hidden beneath a stone. He pointed to the central altara huge block of granite with a g ray ban clubmaster ilded inscription in Hebrew: GOD SAID, LET THERE BE LIGHT AND THERE WAS LIGHT. Obviously, this is the right place. The entrance to the staircase must be hidden on one of the floors beneath us. There is no secret

Street ran due north toward the House of the Temple. I am due south of Heredom. He continued around the perimeter to the next window. Looking west, Langdons eyes traced the long rectangle of the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial, its classical Greek architecture inspired by the Parthenon in Athens, Temple to Athenagoddess of heroic undertakings. Annuit coeptis, Langdon thought. God favors our undertaking. Continuing to the final window, Langdon gazed southward across the dark waters of the Tidal ray ban clubmaster Basin, where the Jefferson Memorial shone brightly in the night. The gently sloping cupola, Langdon knew, was modeled after the Pantheon, the original home to the great Roman gods of myth ray ban clubmaster ology. Having looked in all four directions, Langdon now thought about the aerial photos he had seen of

lf an hour, sir. He was a very restless gentleman, sir, a-walkin and a-stampin all the time he was here. I was waitin outside the door, sir, and I could hear him. At last he out into the passage, and he cries, Is that man never goin to come? Those were his very words, sir. Youll only need to wait a little longer, says I. Then Ill wait in the open air, for I feel half choked, says he. Ill be back before long. And with that he ups and he outs, and all I could say wouldnt hold him back. Well, well, you did you best, said Holmes, as we walked into our room. Its very annoying, though, Watson. I was badly in need of a case, and this looks, from the ray ban clubmaster mans im ray ban clubmaster patience, as if it were of importance. Hullo! Thats not your pipe on the table. He must have left his behind him. A nice old brier with a good

the floor, and the blood and the brown sherry on that table turn me sick now when I think of it. We were so cowed by the sight that I think we should have given the job up if had not been for Prendergast. He bellowed like a bull and rushed for the door with all that were left alive at his heels. Out we ran, and there on the poop were the lieutenant and ten of his men. The swing skylights above the saloon table had been a bit open, and they had fir xxx ray ban clubmaster x ed on us through the slit. We got on them before they could load, and they stood to it like men; but we had the upper hand of them, and in five minutes it was all over. My God! Was there ever a slaughter-house like that ship! Predergast was like a raging devil, and he picked the soldiers up as if they had been children and threw them overboard

obscure. But we have learned a good deal, you perceive. We know that a man stood in the road looking at the quarrel between the Barclaysthe blinds were up and the room lighted. We know, also, that he ran across the ray ban clubmaster lawn, entered the room, accompanied by a strange animal, and that he either struck the Colonel or, as is equally possible, that the Colonel fell down from sheer fright at the sight of him, and cut his head on the corner of the fender. Finally, we have the curious fact that the intruder carried away the key with him when he left. You discoveries seem to have left the business more obscure that it was before, said I. Quite so. They undoubtedly showed that the affair was much deeper than was at first conjectured. I thought th ray ban clubmaster e matter over, and I came to the conclusion that I must

through the influences of my uncle, Lord Holdhurst, I rose rapidly to a responsible position. When my uncle became foreign minister in this administration he gave me several ray ban clubmaster missions of trust, and as I always brought them to a successful conclusion, he came at last to have the utmost confidence in my ability and tact. Nearly ten weeks agoto be more accurate, on the 23d of Mayhe called me into his private room, and, after complimenting me on the good work which I had done, he informed me that he had a new commission of trust for me to execute. This, said he, taking a grey roll of paper from his bureau, is the original of that secret treaty between England and Italy of which, I regret to say, some rumours have already got into the public press. It is of enor ray ban clubmaster mous importance that nothing

of the narrow street. Its already seven oclock, he told himself at the latest striking of the alarm clock, already seven oclock and still such a fog. And for a little while longer he lay quietly with weak breathing, as if perhaps waiting for normal and natural conditions to re-emerge out of the complete stillness. But then he said to himself, Before it strikes a quarter past seven, whatever happens I must be completely out of bed. Besides, by ray ban clubmaster then someone from the office will arrive to inquire about me ray ban clubmaster , because the office will open before seven oclock. And he made an effort then to rock his entire body length out of the bed with a uniform motion. If he let himself fall out of the bed in this way, his head, which in the course of the fall he intended to lift up sharply, would probably