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degrees . . . twenty degrees . . . thirty degrees What happened next, Langdon never saw coming. CHAPTER 85 Transformation. Dean Galloway heard it happen, and so he didnt need to see it. Across the desk from him, Langdon and Katherine were dead silent, no doubt staring in mute astonishment at the stone cube, which had just transformed itself loudly before their very eyes. Galloway couldnt help but smile. He had anticipated the result, and although he still had no idea how this development would ultimately help them solve the riddle of the pyramid, he was enjoying the rare chance to teach a Harvard symbologist ray ban clubmasters polarized something about symbols. Professor, the dean said, few people realize that the Masons venerate the shape of the cubeor ashlar, a ray ban clubmasters polarized s we call itbecause it is a three-dimensional

God is within you, said Jesus Christ. Know thyself, said Pythagoras. Know ye not that ye are gods, said Hermes Trismegi ray ban clubmasters polarized stus. The list went on and on . . . All the mystical teachings of the ages had attempted to convey this one idea. The secret hides within. Even so, mankind continued looking to the heavens for the face of God. This realization, for Langdon, now became an ultimate irony. Right now, with his eyes facing the heavens like all the blind men who preceded him, Robert Langdon suddenly saw the light. It hit him like a bolt from above. The secret hides within The Order Eight Franklin Square In a flash he understood. The message on the capstone was suddenly cry ray ban clubmasters polarized stal clear. Its meaning had been staring him in the face all night. The text on the capstone, like the Masonic Pyramid itself,

voices of anti-Masonic groups, fundamentalists, and conspiracy theorists spewing hatred and fear, launching a Puritan witch hunt all over again. The truth will be twisted, Langdon knew. As it always is with the Masons. The truth was that the brotherhoods focus on death was in fact a bold celebration of life. Masonic ritual was designed to awaken the slumbering man inside, lifting him from his dark coffin of ignorance, raising him into the light, and giving him eyes to see. Only through the death experience ray ban clubmasters polarized c ray ban clubmasters polarized ould man fully understand his life experience. Only through the realization that his days on earth were finite could he grasp the importance of living those days with honor, integrity, and service to his fellow man. Masonic initiations were startling because they were meant to be

admiring it. You know, all the secrecy and mystery surrounding this ring and the ray ban clubmasters polarized Masonic Pyramid . . . it had an enormous effect on my life. When I was a young man, the pyramid was given to me with the promise that it hid mystical secrets. Its mere existence made me believe there were great mysteries in the world. It piqued my curiosity, fueled my sense of wonder, and inspired me to open my mind to the Ancient Mysteries. He smiled quietly and slipped the ring into his pocket. I now realize that the Masonic Pyramids true purpose was not to reveal the answers, but rather to inspire a fas ray ban clubmasters polarized cination with them. The two men stood in silence for a long while at the foot of the monument. When Langdon finally spoke, his tone was serious. I need to ask you a favor, Peter . . . as a friend. Of course.

would trust me, she cried, with a great sigh of relief. ray ban clubmasters polarized It shall be just as you wish. Come awayoh, come away up to the house. Still pulling at my sleeve, she led me away from the cottage. As we went I glanced back, and there was that yellow livid face watching us out of the upper window. What link could there be between that creature and my wife? Or how could the coarse, rough woman whom I had seen the day before be connected with her? It was a strange puzzle, and yet I knew th ray ban clubmasters polarized at my mind could never know ease again until I had solved it. For two days after this I stayed at home, and my wife appeared to abide loyally by our engagement, for, as far as I know, she never stirred out of the house. On the third day, however, I had ample evidence that her solemn promise was not enough to hold her

things which did not in the least concern him. I had no idea of the lengths to which this would carry him, until the merest accident opened my eyes to it. I have said that the house is a rambling one. One day last weekon Thursday night, to be more exactI found that I could not sleep, having foolishly taken a cup of strong caf. noir after my dinner. After struggling against it until two ray ban clubmasters polarized in the morning, I felt that it was quite hopeless, so I rose and lit the candle with the intention of continuing a novel which I was reading. The book, howev ray ban clubmasters polarized er, had been left in the billiard-room, so I pulled on my dressing-gown and started off to get it. In order to reach the billiard-room I had to descend a flight of stairs and then to cross the head of a passage which led to the library and the gun-room.

cases in which Holmes has performed some tour de force of an ray ban clubmasters polarized alytical reasoning, and has demonstrated the value of his peculiar methods of investigation, the facts themselves have often been so slight or so commonplace that I could not feel justified in laying them before the public. On the other hand, it has frequently happened that he has been concerned in some research where the facts ray ban clubmasters polarized have been of the most remarkable and dramatic character, but where the share which he has himself taken in determining their causes has been less pronounced than I, as his biographer, could wish. The small matter which I have chronicled under the heading of A Study in Scarlet, and that other later one connected with the loss of the Gloria Scott, may serve as examples of this Scylla and Charybdis which are

to indulge in false hopes, Mr. Phelps. The affair is a very tangled one. I shall be in a fever until I see you again, cried the diplomatist. Well, Ill come out be the same train to-morrow, though its more than ray ban clubmasters polarized likely that my report will be a negative one. God bless you for promising to come, cried our client. It gives me fresh life to know that something is being done. B ray ban clubmasters polarized y the way, I have had a letter from Lord Holdhurst. Ha! What did he say? He was cold, but not harsh. I dare say my severe illness prevented him from being that. He repeated that the matter was of the utmost importance, and added that no steps would be taken about my futureby which he means, of course, my dismissaluntil my health was restored and I had an opportunity of repairing my misfortune. Well, that was reasonable and