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clearly pointing to a specific location in D.C., exactly as prophesied. Franklin Square. Unfortunately, the photo of the capstone also included Warren Bellamys index finger, which was strategically positioned on the capstone to block out a critical piece of information. The secret hides within The Order Franklin Square Call for missing piece. Malakh now understood Bellamys meaning. The Architect of the Capitol had been cooperative all night, but now he had chosen to play a very dangerous game. CHAPTER 92 Beneath the watchful gaze of s ray ban small everal armed CIA agents, Langdon, Katherine, an ray ban small d Bellamy waited with Sato in the Cathedral College sitting room. On the coffee table before them, Langdons leather bag was still open, the golden capstone peeking out the top. The words Eight Franklin Square had

against the back wall, beneath a pantheon of headmaster portraits. A hush fell across the crowd. In total darkness, a tall, shadowy figure crossed the stage and took the podium. Good morning, the faceless voice whispered into the microphone. Everyone sat up, straining to see who was addressing them. A slide projector flashed to life, revealing a faded sepia photographa dramatic castle with a red sandstone facade, high square towers, and Gothic embellishments. The shadow spoke again. Who can tell me where this is? Englan ray ban small d! a girl declared in the darkness. This facade is a blend of early Gothic and late Romanesque, making this the quintessential Norman castle and placing it in England at about the twelfth century. Wow, the faceless voice replied. Someone knows her architecture. Quiet ray ban small groans

many minutes h ray ban small ad passed when ray ban small his phone rang. It was Warren Bellamy. Peters alive, his Masonic brother said. I just heard the news. I knew youd want to know immediately. Hes going to be okay. Thank God. Galloway exhaled. Where is he? Galloway listened as Bellamy recounted the extraordinary tale of what had transpired after they had left Cathedral College. But all of you are okay? Recuperating, yes, Bellamy said. There is one thing, though. He paused. Yes? The Masonic Pyramid . . . I think Langdon may have solved it. Galloway had to smile. Somehow he was not surprised. And tell me, did Langdon discover whether or not the pyramid kept its promise? Whether or not it revealed what legend always claimed it would reveal? I dont know yet. It will, Galloway thought. You need to rest. As do you. No,

flapping from a furze-bush. Immediately beyond there was a bowl-shaped ray ban small depression in th ray ban small e moor, and at the bottom of this was found the dead body of the unfortunate trainer. His head had been shattered by a savage blow from some heavy weapon, and he was wounded on the thigh, where there was a long, clean cut, inflicted evidently by some very sharp instrument. It was clear, however, that Straker had defended himself vigorously against his assailants, for in his right hand he held a small knife, which was clotted with blood up to the handle, while in his left he clasped a red and black silk cravat, which was recognised by the maid as having been worn on the preceding evening by the stranger who had visited the stables. Hunter, on recovering from his stupor, was also quite positive as to the

him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands which had disappeared between the livid creases of skin. Then we carried him ray ban small into the other room, where he lay with a clay-coloured face, puffing his purple lips in and out with every breatha dreadful wreck of all that he had been but five minutes before. What do you think of hi ray ban small m, Watson? asked Holmes. I stooped over him and examined him. His pule was feeble and intermittent, but his breathing grew longer, and there was a little shivering of his eyelids, which showed a thin white slit of ball beneath. It has been touch and go with him, said I, but hell live now. Just open that window, and hand me the water carafe. I undid his collar, poured the cold water over his face, and raised and sank his arms until he drew a long, natural

that windowthe second on the leftand he saw the fellow get away just to the left of that bush. Then Mr. Alec ran out and knelt beside the wounded man. The ground is very hard, you see, and there are no marks to guide us. As he spoke two men came down the garden path, from round the angle of the house. The one was ray ban small an elderly man, with a strong, deep-lined, heavy-eyed face; the other a dashing young fellow, whose bright, smiling expression and showy dress were in strange contract with the business which had brought us there. Still at it, then? said he to Holmes. I thought you Londoners were never at fault. You dont seem to be so very quick, after all. Ah, you must give us a little time, said Holmes good-houmoredly. Youll want it, said young Alec Cunningham. Why, I dont see that ray ban small we have any

under any circum ray ban small stances, allowed, and three offences, if brought to the notice of the committee, render the talker liable to expulsion. My brother was one of the founders, and I have myself found it a very soothing atmosphere. We had reached Pall Mall as we talked, and were walking down it from the St. Jamess end. Sherlock Holmes stopped at a door some little distance from the Carlton, and, cautioning me not to speak, he led the way into t ray ban small he hall. Through the glass panelling I caught a glimpse of a large and luxurious room, in which a considerable number of men were sitting about and reading papers, each in his own little nook. Holmes showed me into a small chamber which looked out into Pall Mall, and then, leaving me for a minute, he came back with a companion whom I knew could only be

blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumours gathered round him in the university town, an ray ban small d eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and to come down to London, where he set up as an army coach. So much is known to the world, but what I am telling you now is what I have myself discovered. As you are aware, Watson, there is no one who knows the higher criminal world of London so well as I do. For years past I have continually been conscious of some power behind the malefactor, some deep organising power which forever stands in the way of the law, and throws it shield over the wrong-doer. Again and again in cases of the most varying sortsforgery cases, ray ban small robberies, murdersI have felt the