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was feeling over being unable to breathe. The cloth in her mouth was slipping deeper into her throat, and she felt herself gagging reflexively. Her vision started to tunnel. Behind her, the tattooed man closed the rooms lone door and flipped on the light. Katherines eyes were watering profusely now, and she could no longer ray ban sunglasses sale differentiate objects in her immediate surroundings. Everything had become a blur. A distorted vision of colorful flesh appeared before her, and Katherine felt her eyes starting to flutter as she teetered on the brink of unconsciousness. A scale-covered arm reached out and yanked the rag from her mouth. Katherine gasped, inhaling deep breath ray ban sunglasses sale s, coughing and choking as her lungs flooded with precious air. Slowly, her vision began to clear, and she found herself looking

Where is it? the tattooed man demanded. Tell me how to find the stairc ray ban sunglasses sale ase, and I will save Katherine. I wish I could do that, Peter thought. But the staircase is not real. The myth of the staircase was purely symbolic . . . part of the great allegories of Masonry. The Winding Staircase, as it was known, appeared on the second-degree tracing boards. It represented mans intellectual climb toward the Divine Truth. Like Jacobs ladder, the Winding Staircase was a symbol of the pathway to heaven . . . the journey of man toward God . . . the connection between the earthly and spiritual realms. Its steps represented the many virtues of the mind. He should know that, Peter thought. He endur ray ban sunglasses sale ed all the initiations. Every Masonic initiate learned of the symbolic staircase that he could ascend,

groundsymbolizing the buildings initial step upward out of the earth toward the heavenly light. Langdon glanced out at the Capitol, recalling that its c ray ban sunglasses sale ornerstone was buried so deep in the foundation t ray ban sunglasses sale hat, to this day, excavations had been unable to find it. And finally, Solomon said, like the stone box in your hand, many cornerstones are little vaults . . . and have hollow cavities so that they can hold buried treasures . . . talismans, if you willsymbols of hope for the future of the building about to be erected. Langdon was well aware of this tradition, too. Even today, Masons laid cornerstones in which they sealed meaningful objectstime capsules, photos, proclamations, even the ashes of important people. My purpose in telling you this, Solomon said, glancing over at the stairwell,

palm. As he might get an excellent smoke for half the price, he has no need to practise economy. And the other points? He has been in the habit of lighting his pipe at lamps and gas-jets. You can see that it is quite charred all down one side. Of course a match could not have done that. Why should a man ray ban sunglasses sale hold a match to the side of his pipe? But you cannot light it at a lamp without getting the bowl charred. And it is all on the right side of the pipe. From ray ban sunglasses sale that I gather that he is a left-handed man. You hold your own pipe to the lamp, and see how naturally you, being right-handed, hold the left side to the flame. You might do it once the other way, but not as a constancy. This has always been held so. Then he has bitten through his amber. It takes a muscular, energetic fellow, and one with

they brought it square again, and as there was a light wind from the north and east the bark began to draw slowly away from us. Our boat lay, rising and falling, upon the long, smooth rollers, and Evans and I, who were the most educated of the party, were sitting in the sheets working o ray ban sunglasses sale ut our position and planning what coast we should make for. It was a nice question, for the Cape de Verds were about five hundred miles to the north of us, and the African coast about seven hundred to the east. On the whole, as the wind was coming round to the north, we thought that Sierra Leone might be best, and turned our head in that direction, the bark being at that time nearly hull down on our starboard quarter. S ray ban sunglasses sale uddenly as we looked at her we saw a dense black cloud of smoke shoot up from her, which

disconnected with what had gone before. It was not easy to pick ones steps, but, on the whole, I was inclined to dismiss the idea that there had been anything between the Colonel and Miss Morrison, but more than ever convinced that the young lady held the clue as to what it was which had turned Mrs. Barclay to hatr ray ban sunglasses sale ed of her husband. I took the obvious course, therefore, of calling upon Miss M., of explaining to her that I was pe ray ban sunglasses sale rfectly certain that she held the facts in her possession, and of assuring her that her friend, Mrs. Barclay, might find herself in the dock upon a capital charge unless the matter were cleared up. Miss Morrison is a little ethereal slip of a girl, with timid eyes and blond hair, but I found her by no means wanting in shrewdness and common-sense. She sat thinking

and fore-shadowed the policy which this country would pursue in the event of the French fleet gaining a complete ascendancy over that of Italy in the Mediterranean. The questions treated in it were purely naval. At the end were the signatures of the high dignitaries who had signed it. I glanced my eyes over it, and then settled down to my task of copying. It was a long document, written in the French language, and containing twenty-six separate articles. I copied as quickly as I could, but at nine oclock I had only done nine articles, an ray ban sunglasses sale d it seemed hopeless for me to attempt to catch my train. I was feeling drowsy and stupid, partly from my dinner and also from the effects of a long days ray ban sunglasses sale work. A cup of coffee would clear my brain. A commissionnaire remains all night in a little lodge at

in some absurd hope. But of course then, as usual, the servant girl with her firm tread went to the door and opened it. Gregor needed to hear only the first word of the visitors greeting to recognize immediately who it was, the manager himself. Why was Gregor the only one condemned to work in a firm where, at the slightest lapse, someone immediately attracted the gre ray ban sunglasses sale atest suspicion? Were all the employees then collectively, one and all, scoundrels? Among them was there then no truly devoted person who, if he failed to use just a couple of hours in the morning for office work, would become abnormal from pangs of conscience and really be in no state to get out of bed? Was it really not enough to let an apprentice m ray ban sunglasses sale ake inquiries, if such questioning was even necessary? Must the manager