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symbol, he was more impressed that the dean had been able to feel the detail of it. Seeing with ones fingertips was apparently a learned skill. Its alchemical, Katherine said, sliding her chair closer and examining Langdons finger. Its the ancient symbol for gold. Indeed it is. The dean smiled and patted the box. Professor, congratulations. You have just achieved what every alchemist in history has strived for. From a worthless substance, youve created gold. Langdo ray ban wayfarer for men n frowned, unimpressed. The little parlor trick seemed to be no help at all. An interesting idea, sir, but Im afraid this symbola circle with a round dot in the middle has dozens of meanings. Its called a circumpunct, and i ray ban wayfarer for men ts one of the most widely used symbols in history. What are you talking about? the dean asked, sounding

final inscription was now laid bare. The engraving was a perfectly square grid of symbols from every tradition imaginablealchemical, astrological, heraldic, angelic, magical, numeric, sigilic, Greek, Latin. As a totality, this was symbolic anarchya bowl of alphabet soup whose letters came from dozens ray ban wayfarer for men of different languages, cultures, and time periods. Total chaos. Symbologist Robert L ray ban wayfarer for men angdon, in his wildest academic interpretations, could not fathom how this grid of symbols could be deciphered to mean anything at all. Order from this chaos? Impossible. The liquid was now creeping over his Adams apple, and Langdon could feel his level of terror rising along with it. He continued banging on the tank. The pyramid stared back at him tauntingly. In frantic desperation, Langdon focused every bit

of the common phrase to give someone the third degree. A ray ban wayfarer for men nd although Langdon was very familiar with academic accounts of it, he was in no way prepared for what he now saw. The murder. In violent, rapid intercuts, the video displayed a chilling, victims point-of-view account of the initiates brutal murder. There were simulated blows to his head, including one with a Masons stone maul. All the while, a deacon mournfully told the story of the widows sonHiram Abiffthe master Architect of King Solomons temple, who chose to die rather than reveal the secret wisdom he possessed. The attack was mimed, of course, and yet ray ban wayfarer for men its effect on camera was bloodcurdling. After the deathblow, the initiatenow dead to his former selfwas lowered into his symbolic coffin, where his eyes were shut and his arms were

impossible stretch. Peter, the Bible a ray ban wayfarer for men nd the Ancient Mysteries are total opposites. The mysteries are all about the god within you . . . man as god. The Bible is all about the God above you . . . and man as a powerless sinner. Yes! Exactly! Youve put your finger on the precise problem! The moment mankind separated himself from God, the true meaning of the Word was lost. The voices of the ancient masters have now been drowned out, lost in the chaotic din of self-proclaimed practitioners shouting that they alone understand the Word . . . that the Word is written in their language and none other. Peter continued down the stairs. Robert, you and I both know that the ancients wo ray ban wayfarer for men uld be horrified if they saw how their teachings have been perverted . . . how religion has established itself as a

asked as she entered. She gave a violent start and a kind of gasping cry when I spoke, and that cry and start troubled me more than all the rest, for there was something indescribably guilt ray ban wayfarer for men y about them. My wife had always been a woman of a frank, open nature, and it gave me a ch ray ban wayfarer for men ill to see her slinking into her own room, and crying out and wincing when her own husband spoke to her. You awake, Jack! she cried, with a nervous laugh. Why, I thought that nothing could awake you. Where have you been? I asked, more sternly. I dont wonder that you are surprised, said she, and I could see that her fingers were trembling as she undid the fastenings of her mantle. Why, I never remember having done such a thing in my life before. The fact is that I felt as though I were choking, and had a perfect

events, and the large issues which proved to be at stake, that I trace my first stride towards to position which I now hold. Reginald Musgrave had been in the same college as myself, and I had some slight acquaintance with him. He was not generally popular among the undergraduates, though it always seemed to me that what was set down as pride was really an attempt to cover extreme natural diffidence. In appearance he was a man of exceedingly aristocratic type, thin, high-nosed, and large-eyed, with languid and yet courtly manners. He was indeed a scion of one of the very oldest families in the kingdom, though his branch was a cadet one which had separated from the northern Musgraves some time in the ray ban wayfarer for men sixteenth century, and had established itself in ray ban wayfarer for men western Sussex, where the Manor House of

I found myself among the Afghans. There I wandered about for many ayear, and at last came back to the Punjaub, where I lived mostly among the natives and picked up a living by the conjuring tricks that I had learned. What use was it for me, a wretched cripple, to go back to England or to make myself known to my old comrades? Even my wish for revenge would not make me do that. I ray ban wayfarer for men had rather that Nancy and my old pals should think of Harry Wood ray ban wayfarer for men as having died with a straight back, than see him living and crawling with a stick like a chimpanzee. They never doubted that I was dead, and I meant that they never should. I heard that Barclay had married Nancy, and that he was rising rapidly in the regiment, but even that did not make me speak. But when one gets old one has a longing for home. For

station to be able to give an idea of what had happened, and his story did not mend matters. It was evident to all that I was in for a long illness, so Joseph was bundled out of this cheery bedroom, and it was turned into a sick-room for me. Here I have lain, ray ban wayfarer for men Mr. Holmes, for over nine weeks, unconscious, and raving with brain-fever. If it had not been for Miss Harrison here and for the doctors care I should not be speaking to you now. She has nursed me by day ray ban wayfarer for men and a hired nurse has looked after me by night, for in my mad fits I was capable of anything. Slowly my reason has cleared, but it is only during the last three days that my memory has quite returned. Sometimes I wish that it never had. The first thing that I did was to wire to Mr. Forbes, who had the case in hand. He came out, and