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could not remember exactly what Peter had told him about the phrase, but for some reason, the mention of Rosicrucianism seemed to have rekindled the thought. Think, Robert! The Rosicrucian founder, Galloway was saying, was allegedly a German mystic who went by the name Christian Rosenkreuza pseudonym obviously, perhaps even for Francis Bacon, who some historians believe founded the group himself, although there is no proof of A pseudonym! Langdon declared suddenly, start ray ban wayfarer purple ling even himself. Thats it! Jeova Sanctus Unus! Its a pseudonym! What are you talking about? Katherine demanded. Langdons pulse had quickened now. All night, Ive been trying to remember what Peter told me about Jeova Sanctus Unus and its relationship to alchemy. Finally I reme ray ban wayfarer purple mbered! Its not about alchemy so much as about

thankfully, he could feel the breath-hold breakpoint arriving. The moment was upon him. Langdons lungs forced out their spent contents, collapsing in eager preparation to inhale. Still he held out an instant longer. His final second. Then, like a man no longer able to hold his hand to a burning stove, he gave himself over to fate. Reflex overruled reason. His lips parted. His lungs expanded. And the liquid came pourin ray ban wayfarer purple g in. The pain t ray ban wayfarer purple hat filled his chest was greater than Langdon had ever imagined. The liquid burned as it poured into his lungs. Instantly, the pain shot upward into his skull, and he felt like his head was being crushed in a vise. There was great thundering in his ears, and through it all, Katherine Solomon was screaming. There was a blinding flash of light. And then blackness.

lap. The legends say the Masonic Pyramid will unveil the Lost Word. This is the pyramids final code. I believe you know how to read it. Malakh glanced over at the laptop. SENDING MESSAGE: 8% COMPLETE Malakh returned his eyes to Peter. Solomon was staring at him, his gray eyes blazing now with hatred. Hate me, Malakh thought. The greater the emotion, the more potent the energy that will be released when the ritual is completed. At Langley, Nola Kaye pressed the phone to her ear, barely able to hear Sato over the noise of the helicopter. They said its impossible to stop the file transfer! Nola shouted. To shut down local ISPs would take at least an hour, and if hes got access to a wireles ray ban wayfarer purple s provider, killing the ray ban wayfarer purple ground-based Internet wont stop him from sending it anyway. Nowadays, stopping

instructions. Peters instructions. Langdon eyed the old iron key that Bellamy had handed to him. Then he glanced over ray ban wayfarer purple at a cramped stairwell that ascended from this level . . . climbing higher still. God help me. These narrow stairs, according to the Architect, led up to a small metal door that could be unlocked with the iron key in Langdons hand. Beyond the door lay something that Pe ray ban wayfarer purple ter insisted Langdon and Katherine see. Peter had not elaborated, but rather had left strict instructions regarding the precise hour at which the door was to be opened. We have to wait to open the door? Why? Langdon checked his watch again and groaned. Slipping the key into his pocket, he gazed across the gaping void before him at the far side of the balcony. Katherine had walked fearlessly ahead, apparently

How long is it since your wife asked you for a hundred pounds? Nearly two months. Have you ever seen a photograph of her first husband? No; there was a great fire at Atlanta very s ray ban wayfarer purple hortly after his death, and all her papers were destroyed. And yet she had a certificate of death. You say that you saw it. Yes; she got a duplicate after the fire. Did you ever meet any one who knew her in America? No. Did she ever talk of revisiting the place? No. Or get letters from it? No. Thank you. I should like to think over the matter a little now. If the cottage is now permanently deserted we may have some difficulty. If, on the other hand, as I fancy is more likely, the inmates were warned of you coming, and left before you entered yesterday, then they may be back now, and we should clear it all ray ban wayfarer purple up

As I left the dining-room I happened to meet Rachel Howells, the maid. I have told you that she had only recently recovered from an illness, and was looking so wretchedly pale and wan that I remonstrated with her for being at work. You should be in bed, I said. Come back to your duties when you are stronger. She looked at me with so strange an expression that I began to suspect that her brain ray ban wayfarer purple was affected. I am strong enough, Mr. Musgrave, said she. We will see what the doctor says, I answered. You must stop work now, and when you go downstairs just say that I wish to see Brunton. The butler is gone, said she. Gone! Gone where? He is go ray ban wayfarer purple ne. No one has seen him. He is not in his room. Oh, yes, he is gone, he is gone! She fell back against the wall with shriek after shriek of laughter, while

thoughts went back to Beecher, and you looked hard across as if you were studying the character in his features. Then your eyes ceased to pu ray ban wayfarer purple cker, but you continued to look across, and your face was thoughtful. You were recalling the incidents of Beechers career. I was well aware that you could not do this without thinking of the mission which he undertook on behalf of the North at the time of the Civil War, for I remember you expressing your passionate indignation at the way in which he was received by the more turbulent of our people. You felt so strongly about it that I knew you could not think of Beecher without thinking of that also. When a moment later I saw your eyes wander away from the picture, I suspected that your mind had now turned to the Civil War, ray ban wayfarer purple and when I observed that

who did it out of bravado? Or was it some one who was with the thief who did it in order to prevent the ray ban wayfarer purple crime? Or was it an accident? Or was it? He sank back into the state of intense and silent thought from which he had emerged; but it seemed to me, accustomed as I was to his every mood, that some new possibility had dawned suddenly upon him. It was twenty past three ray ban wayfarer purple when we reached our terminus, and after a hasty luncheon at the buffet we pushed on at once to Scotland Yard. Holmes had already wired to Forbes, and we found him waiting to receive usa small, foxy man with a sharp but by no means amiable expression. He was decidedly frigid in his manner to us, especially when he heard the errand upon which we had come. Ive heard of your methods before now, Mr. Holmes, said he, tartly. You