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Galloway picked up the ring and began feeling its surfaces. ray ban wayfares This unique ring was created at the same time as the Masonic Pyramid, and traditionally, it is worn by the Mason in charge of protecting the pyramid. Tonight, when I felt the tiny circumpunct on the bottom of the stone box, I realized that the ring is, in fact, part of the symbolon. It is? Im certain of it. Peter is my closest friend, and he wore this ring for many years. I am quite familiar with it. He handed the ring to Langdon. See for yourself. Langdon took the ring and examined it, running his fingers over the double-headed phoenix, the number 33, the words ORDO AB CHAO, and also the words All is revealed at th ray ban wayfares e thirty-third degree. He felt nothing helpful. Then, as his fingers traced down around the outside of the band, he

certain that Eight Franklin Square was not pointing to th ray ban wayfares e Almas Temple. The time line is all wrong! According to legend, the Masonic Pyramid was created in the mid-1800s, decades before the Shriners even existed. In fact, Langdon realized, it was probably before the square was even called Franklin Square. The capstone could not possibly have been pointing to an unbuilt building at a nonexistent address. Whatever Eight Franklin Square was pointing to . . . it had to exist in 1850. Unfortunately, Langdon was drawing a total blank. He ray ban wayfares probed his memory banks for anything that could possibly fit the time line. Eight Franklin Square? Something that was in existence in 1850? Langdon came up with nothing. The liquid was trickling into his ears now. Fighting his terror, he stared up at the grid

the black marble altar shone in the moonlight. Assembled around it, seated on hand-tooled pigski ray ban wayfares n chairs, awaited a somber council of distinguished thirty-third-degree Masons, present to bear witness. The video now panned across their faces with slow and deliberate intention. Langdon stared in horror. Although he had not seen this coming, what he was looking at made perfect sense. A gathering of the most decorated and accomplished Masons in the most powerful city on earth would logically include many influential and well-known indivi ray ban wayfares duals. Sure enough, seated around the altar, adorned in their long silk gloves, Masonic aprons, and glistening jewels, were some of the countrys most powerful men. Two Supreme Court justices . . . The secretary of defense . . . The speaker of the House . . .

the alleged miracles of the Bible, or any other religious text, but they are nothing but old stories fabricated by man and then exaggerated over time. Perhaps, Peter said. Or perhaps we simply need our science to catch up with the wisdom of the ancients. He paused. Funn ray ban wayfares y thing is . . . I believe Katherines research may be poised to do just that. Langdon suddenly remembered that Katherine had dashed off from the House of the Temple earlier. Hey, where did she go, anyway? Shell be here shortly, Peter said, grinning. She went to confirm a wonderful bit of good fortune. Outside, at the base of the monument, Peter Solomon felt invigorated as ray ban wayfares he inhaled the cold night air. He watched in amusement as Langdon stared intently at the ground, scratching his head and looking around at the foot of the

the strange face which had looked out at me on the day before. As I stood there, imagine my surpri ray ban wayfares se, Mr. Holmes, when the door suddenly opened and my wife walked out. I was struck dumb with astonishment at the sight of her; but my emotions were nothing to those which showed themselves upon her face when our eyes met. She seemed for an instant to wish to shrink back ins ray ban wayfares ide the house again; and then, seeing how useless all concealment must be, she came forward, with a very white face and frightened eyes which belied the smile upon her lips. Ah, Jack, she said, I have just been in to see if I can be of any assistance to our new neighbours. Why do you look at me like that, Jack? You are not angry with me? So, said I, this is where you went during the night. What do you mean? she cried. You

those months of inaction seemed to have come within my reach. In my inmost heart I believed t ray ban wayfares hat I could succeed where others failed, and now I had the opportunity to test myself. Pray, let me have the details, I cried. Reginald Musgrave sat down opposite to me, and lit the cigarette which I had pushed towards him. You must know, said he, that though I am a bachelor, I have to keep up a considerable staff of serv ray ban wayfares ants at Hurlstone, for it is a rambling old place, and takes a good deal of looking after. I preserve, too, and in the pheasant months I usually have a house-party, so that it would not do to be short-handed. Altogether there are eight maids, the cook, the butler, two footmen, and a boy. The garden and the stables of course have a separate staff. Of these servants the one who had

instant out there slipped a beautiful reddish-brown creature, thin and lithe, with the legs of a stoat ray ban wayfares , a long, thin nose, and a pair of the finest red eyes that ever I saw in an animals head. Its a mongoose, I cried. Well, some call them that, and some call them ichneumon, said the man. Snake-catcher is what I call them, and Teddy is amazing quick on cobras. I ray ban wayfares have one here without the fangs, and Teddy catches it every night to please the folk in the canteen. Any other point, sir? Well, we may have to apply to you again if Mrs. Barclay should prove to be in serious trouble. In that case, of course, Id come forward. But if not, there is no object in raking up this scandal against a dead man, foully as he has acted. You have at least the satisfaction of knowing that for thirty years of his

the office? Oh, yes, all of them had been shown over it. Still, of course, if you said nothing to any one about the treaty these inquiries are irrelevant. I said nothing. Do you know anything of the commissionnaire? Nothing except that he is an old soldier. What regiment? Oh, I have heardColdstream Guards. Thank you. I hav ray ban wayfares e no doubt I can get details from Forbes. The authorities are excellent at amassing facts, though they do not always use them to advantage. What a lovely thing a rose is! He walked past the couch to the open window, and held up the drooping stalk of a moss-rose, looking down at the dainty blend of crimson and green. It was a new phase of his character to me, for I had never before seen h ray ban wayfares im show any keen interest in natural objects. There is nothing in which deduction is