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he think will happen? Hold your finger down, the dean said. Apply pressure. Langdon glanced over at Katherine, who looked puzzled as she tucked a wisp of hair behind her ears. A few seconds later, the old dean finally nodded. Okay, remove your hand. The alchemy is complete. Alchemy? Robert Langdon removed his hand from the stone box and sat in bewildered silence. Nothing had changed at all. The box just sat there on the desk. Nothing, Langdon said. Look at your fingertip, the dean replied. You should see a transformation. Langdon looked at his finger where to buy ray ban glasses , but the only transformation he could see was that he now had an indentation on his skin made by the circular nubbina tiny circle with a dot in the middle. Now do you recognize this symbol? the dean asked. Although Langdon r where to buy ray ban glasses ecognized the

held the pyramid in his tattooed hands. Think fast, Professor. Im guessing you have less than sixty seconds. C where to buy ray ban glasses HAPTER 102 Robert Langdon had often heard it said that an animal, when cornered, was capable of miraculous feats of strength. Nonetheless, when he threw his full force into the underside of his crate, nothing budged at all. Around him, the liquid continued rising steadily. With no more than six inches of breathing room left, Langdon had lifted his head into the pocket of air that remained. He was now face-to-face with the P where to buy ray ban glasses lexiglas window, his eyes only inches away from the underside of the stone pyramid whose baffling engraving hovered above him. I have no idea what this means. Concealed for over a century beneath a hardened mixture of wax and stone dust, the Masonic Pyramids

Same room. Different night. A larger group of Masons looking on. Peter Solomon was observing from the masters chair. This was the second degree. More intense now. Kneeling at the altar . . . vowing to forever conceal the enigmas existing within Freemasonry . . . consenting to the penalty of having ones chest cavity ripped open and pulsing heart cast upon the surface of the earth as offal for the ravenous beasts . . . Langdons own heart was pulsing wildly now as the video shifted yet again. Anoth where to buy ray ban glasses er night. A much larger crowd. A coffin-shaped tracing board on the floor. The third degree. This was the death ritualthe most rigorous of all the degreesthe moment in which the initiate was forced to face the final challenge of personal extinction. This grueling interrogation was in fact the sou where to buy ray ban glasses rce

The Ancient Mysteries and the Bible are the same thing. Langdon stared in bewilderment. Peter was silent for several seconds, waiting for the concept to soak in. where to buy ray ban glasses The Bible is one of the books through which the mysteries have been passed down through history. Its pages are desperately trying to tell us the secret. Dont you understand? The ‘dark sayings in the Bible are the whispers of the ancients, quietly sharing with us all of their secret wisdom. Langdon said nothing. The Ancient Mysterie where to buy ray ban glasses s, as he understood them, were a kind of instruction manual for harnessing the latent power of the human mind . . . a recipe for personal apotheosis. He had never been able to accept the power of the mysteries, and certainly the notion that the Bible was somehow hiding a key to these mysteries was an

disturbed me. Then, thinking that I was still asleep, she slipped noiselessly from the room, and an instant later I heard a sharp creaking which could only come from the hinges of the front door. I sat up in bed and rapped my knuckles against the rail to make certain that I was truly awake. Then I took my watch from under the pillow. It was three in the morning. What on this earth could my wife be doing out on the country road at three in the morning? I had sat for about twenty minutes turning the thing over in where to buy ray ban glasses my mind and trying to find some possible explanation. The more I thought, the ore extraordinary and inexplicable did it appear. I was still puzzling over it when I heard the door gently close again, and her footsteps coming up the stairs. Where in the wo where to buy ray ban glasses rld have you been, Effie? I

I had already established a considerable, though not a very lucrative, connection. You can hardly realise, then, how difficult I found it at first, and how long I had to wait before I succeeded in making any headway. When I first came up to London I had rooms in Montague Street, just round the corner from the Britis where to buy ray ban glasses h Museum, and there I waited, filling in my too abundant leisure time by studying all those branches of science which might make me more efficient. Now and again cases came in my way, principally through the introduction of old fellow-studen where to buy ray ban glasses ts, for during my last years at the University there was a good deal of talk there about myself and my methods. The third of these cases was that of the Musgrave Ritual, and it is to the interest which was aroused by that singular chain of

comrade, the very man who had arranged th where to buy ray ban glasses e way that I was to take, had betrayed me by means of a native servant into the hands of the enemy. Well, theres no need for me to dwell on that part of it. You know now what James Barclay was capable of. Bhurtee was relieved by Neill next day, but the rebels took me away with them in their retreat, and it was many a long year before ever I saw a white face again. I was tortured and tried to get away, and was captured and tortured again. You can see for yourselves the state in which I w where to buy ray ban glasses as left. Some of them that fled into Nepal took me with them, and then afterwards I was up past Darjeeling. The hill-folk up there murdered the rebels who had me, and I became their slave for a time until I escaped; but instead of going south I had to go north, until

hopelessly ruined. I dont know what where to buy ray ban glasses I did. I fancy I must have made a scene. I have a dim recollection of a group of officials who crowded round me, endeavouring to soothe me. One of them drove down with me to Waterloo, and saw me into the Woking train. I believe that he would have come all the way had it not been that Dr. Ferrier, who lives near me, was going down by that very train. The doctor most kindly took charge of me, and it was well he did so, for I had a fit in the station, and before we reached home I was practically a raving maniac. You can imagine the state of things here when they were roused from their b where to buy ray ban glasses eds by the doctors ringing and found me in this condition. Poor Annie here and my mother were broken-hearted. Dr. Ferrier had just heard enough from the detective at the