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the golden capstone, which Langdon realized she had only seen in X-ray. The inscription, Sato demanded. Does it mean anyth ray ban caravan sunglasses ing to you? ‘The secret hides within The Order? Were not sure, maam. Why is the pyramid steaming hot? We submerged it in ray ban caravan sunglasses boiling water, Katherine said without hesitation. It was part of the process of deciphering the code. Well tell you everything, but please let us go see my brother. Hes been through You boiled the pyramid? Sato demanded. Turn off the flashlight, Katherine said. Look at the capstone. You can probably still see. The agent flicked off his light, and Sato knelt down before the capstone. Even from where Langdon was standing, he could see that the text on the capstone was still glowing slightly. Eight Franklin Square? Sato said, sounding amazed. Yes, maam.

shattered bay window. They walked past a fireplace, a large painting, and several bookshelves to an office door. The office was wood paneled, with an antique desk and a large computer monitor. Sato walked around behind the desk and ray ban caravan sunglasses eyed the screen, immediately scowling. Damn it, she said under her breath. Simkins circled around and looked at the screen. It was blank. Whats wrong? Sato pointed to an empty docking station on the desk. He uses a lap ray ban caravan sunglasses top. He took it with him. Simkins didnt follow. Does he have information you want to see? No, Sato replied, her tone grave. He has information I want nobody to see. Downstairs in the hidden basement, Katherine Solomon had heard the sounds of helicopter blades followed by breaking glass and heavy boots on the floor above her. She tried to cry out

becoming uneven . . . as if the oceans natural ti ray ban caravan sunglasses des were being disrupted by a gathering storm. Chao ab ordo. Unfamiliar voices were shouting now, talking urgently with Langdon about the laptop and video file. Its too late, Malakh knew. The damage is done. By now the video was spreading like wildfire into every corn ray ban caravan sunglasses er of a shocked world, destroying the future of the brotherhood. Those most capable of spreading the wisdom must be destroyed. The ignorance of mankind is what helped the chaos grow. The absence of Light on earth is what nourished the Darkness that awaited Malakh. I have done great deeds, and soon I will be received as a king. Malakh sensed that a lone individual had quietly approached. He knew who it was. He could smell the sacred oils he had rubbed into his fathers shaved body.

is the larger training establishment of Mapleton, which belongs to Lord Backwater, and is managed by Silas Brown. In every other direction the moor is a complete wilderness, inhabited only be a few roaming gypsies. Such was the general situation last Monday night when the catastrophe occurred. On that evening the horses had been exercised and watered as usual, and the stables were locked up at nine oclock. Two of the lads walked up to the trainers house, where they had supper in the kitchen, ray ban caravan sunglasses while the third, Ned Hunter, remained on guard. At a few minutes after nine the maid, Edith Bax ray ban caravan sunglasses ter, carried down to the stables his supper, which consisted of a dish of curried mutton. She took no liquid, as there was a water-tap in the stables, and it was the rule that the lad on duty should drink

valuable? or is it possible that He began biting his nails and staring blankly out of the window, and we hardly ray ban caravan sunglasses drew another word from him until we were in New Street. At seven oclock that evening we were walking, the three of us, down Corporation Street to the companys offices. It is no use our being at all before our time, said our client. He only comes there to see me, apparently, for the place is deserted up to the very hour he names. That is suggestive, remarked Holmes. By Jove, I told you so! cried the clerk. Thats he walking ahead of us there. He pointed to a smallish, dark, well-dressed man who was bustling along the other side of the road. As we wat ray ban caravan sunglasses ched him he looked across at a boy who was bawling out the latest edition of the evening paper, and running over among the cabs and

this fragment from the murderer. It reads almost as though it were an appointment. Holmes took u ray ban caravan sunglasses p the scrap of paper, a fac-simile of which is here reproduced. d at q ray ban caravan sunglasses uarter to twelve learn what maybe Presuming that it is an appointment, continued the Inspector, it is of course a conceivable theory that this William Kirwanthough he had the reputation of being an honest man, may have been in league with the thief. He may have met him there, may even have helped him to break in the door, and then they may have fallen out between themselves. This writing is of extraordinary interest, said Holmes, who had been examining it with intense concentration. These are much deeper waters than I had though. He sank his head upon his hands, while the Inspector smiled at the effect which his case had had

to avenge. Such were the singular circumstances in connection with the Resident Patient and the Brook Street Doctor. From that night nothing has been seen of the three murderers by the police, and it is surmised at Scotland Yard that they were among the passengers of the ill-fated steamer Norah Creina, which was lost some years ago with all hands upon the Portuguese coast, some leagues to ray ban caravan sunglasses the north of Oporto. The proceedings against the page broke down for want of evidence, and the Brook Street Mystery, as it was called, has never until now been fully dealt with in any public print. Chapter 9 Chapter 9 The Greek Interpreter During my long and intimate acquaintance w ray ban caravan sunglasses ith Mr. Sherlock Holmes I had never heard him refer to his relations, and hardly ever to his own early life. This reticence

fashion, I have endeavoured to give some account of my strange experiences in his company from the chance which first brought us together at the period of the Study in Scarlet, up to the time of his interference in the matter of the Naval Treatyand interference which had the unquestionable effect of preventing a serious international complication ray ban caravan sunglasses . It was my intention to have stopped there, and to have said nothing of that event which has cr ray ban caravan sunglasses eated a void in my life which the lapse of two years has done little to fill. My hand has been forced, however, by the recent letters in which Colonel James Moriarty defends the memory of his brother, and I have no choice but to lay the facts before the public exactly as they occurred. I alone know the absolute truth of the matter, and I am satisfied