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asked about the divine mysteries of their forebears, the new custodians of faith vociferously disowned them, condemning them as heresy. Have they truly forgotten? Malakh won ray ban eyeglasses sale dered. Echoes of the ancient Art still resonated in every corner of the globe, from the mystical Kabbalists of Judaism to the esoteri ray ban eyeglasses sale c Sufis of Islam. Vestiges remained in the arcane rituals of Christianity, in its god-eating rites of Holy Communion, its hierarchies of saints, angels, and demons, its chanting and incantation, its holy calendars astrological underpinnings, its consecrated robes, and in its promise of everlasting life. Even now, its priests dispelled evil spirits by swinging smoke-filled censers, ringing sacred bells, and sprinkling holy water. Christians still practiced the supernatural craft of

few symbols he could remember, placing each one in the location indicated by Franklins magic square. So ray ban eyeglasses sale far, however, he saw nothing that made any sense. Look! Katherine urged. You must be on the right track. The first row is all Greek lettersthe same kinds of symbols are being arranged together! Langdon had noticed this, too, but he could not think of any Greek word that fit that configuration of letters and spaces. I need the first letter. He glanced again at the magic square, trying to recall the letter that had been in the number one spot near the lower left corner. Think! He closed his e ray ban eyeglasses sale yes, trying to picture the base of the pyramid. The bottom row . . . next to the left-hand corner . . . what letter was there? For an instant, Langdon was back in the tank, racked with terror, staring

symbols were a message. But if this was tr ray ban eyeglasses sale ue, then it was a message Langdon had no idea how to read. The Escalade slowed suddenly and turned sharply right, onto a different surface, as if into a driveway or access road. Langdon perked up, listening intently for clues as to their whereabouts. Theyd been driving for less than ten minutes, and although Langdon had tried to follow in his mind, he had lost his bearings quickly. For all he knew, they were now pulling back into the House of the Temple. The Escalade came ray ban eyeglasses sale to a stop, and Langdon heard the window roll down. Agent Simkins, CIA, their driver announced. I believe youre expecting us. Yes, sir, a sharp military voice replied. Director Sato phoned ahead. One moment while I move the security barricade. Langdon listened with rising confusion,

third. Its my race, anyhow, gasped the Colonel, passin ray ban eyeglasses sale g his hand over his eyes. I confess that I can make neither head nor tail of it. Dont you think that you have kept up your mystery long enough, Mr. Holmes? Certainly, Colonel, you shall know everything. Let us all go round and have a look at the horse together. Here he is, he continued, as we made our way into the weighing enclosure, where only owners and their friends find admittance. You have only to wash his face and his leg in spirits of wine, and you will find that he is the same old Silver Blaze as ever. You take my breath away! I found him in the hands of a faki ray ban eyeglasses sale r, and took the liberty of running him just as he was sent over. My dear sir, you have done wonders. The horse looks very fit and well. It never went better in its life. I

remains for us to find out what this secret was which the sailor Hudson seems to have held over the heads of these two wealthy and respected men. Alas, Holmes, I fear th ray ban eyeglasses sale at it is one of sin and shame! cried my friend. But from you I shall have no secrets. Here is the statement which was drawn up by my father when he knew that the danger from Hudson had become imminent. I found it in the Japanese cabinet, as he told the doctor. Take it and read it to me, for I have neither the strength nor t ray ban eyeglasses sale he courage to do it myself. These are the very papers, Watson, which he handed to me, and I will read them to you, as I read them in the old study that night to him. They are endorsed outside, as you see, Some particulars of the voyage of the bark Gloria Scott, from her leaving Falmouth on the 8th October,

peculiarity took the form of a dislike to being left alone, especially after dark. This puerile feature in a nature which was conspicu ray ban eyeglasses sale ously manly had often given rise to comment and conjecture. The first battalion of the Royal Munsters which is the old 117th has been stationed at Aldershot for some years. The married officers live out of barracks, and the Colonel has during all this time occupied a villa called Lachine, about half a mile from the north camp. The house stands in its own grounds, but the west side of it is not more than thirty yards ray ban eyeglasses sale from the high-road. A coachman and two maids form the staff of servants. These with their master and mistress were the sole occupants of Lachine, for the Barclays had no children, nor was it usual for them to have resident visitors. Now for the

and that she had been on a visit to some friends in England. While there she had met a young man named Harold Latimer, who had acquired an ascendancy over he and had eventually persuaded her to fly with him. Her friends, shocked at the event, had contented themselves with informing her brother at Athens, and had then washed their hands of the matter. The brother, on his arrival in England, had imprudently placed himself in the power of Latimer and of his associate, whose name was Wilson Kempthat through his ignorance of the language he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner, and had ray ban eyeglasses sale endeavoured by cruelty and starvation to make him sign away his own and his sisters property. ray ban eyeglasses sale They had kept him in the house without the girls knowledge, and the plaster over the face had been for

I allowed you to depart on that errand under the persuasion that some development of this sort would follow. Tell Inspector Patterson that the papers which he needs to convict the gang are in pigeonhole M., done up in a blue envelope and inscribed Moriarty. I made every disposition of my property before leaving England, and handed it to my brother Mycroft. Pray give my greetings to Mrs. Watson, and believe me to be, my dear fellow, Very s ray ban eyeglasses sale incerely yours, Sherlock Holmes A few words may suffice to tell the little that remains. An examination by experts leaves little doubt that a personal contest between the two men ended, as it could hardly fail to end in such a situation, in their reeling over, locked in each others arms. Any atte ray ban eyeglasses sale mpt at recovering the bodies was absolutely hopeless, and