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thought. Symbolic alchemy. ray ban black Katherine looked bewildered by the sight of the collapsed cube. The Masonic Pyramid relates to . . . Christianity? For a moment, Langdon had wondered the same thing. After all, the Christian crucifix was a respected symbol within the Masons, and certainly there were plenty of Christian Masons. However, Masons were also Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and those who had no name for their God. The presence of an exclusively Christian symbol seemed restrictive. Then the true meaning of this symbol had dawned on him. Its not a crucifix, Langdon said, standing up now. The cross with the circumpunct in the middle is a binary symboltwo symbols fu ray ban black sed to create one. What are you saying? Katherines eyes followed him as he paced the room. The cross, Langdon said, was not a

Langdons submerged ears heard nothing. His eyes, however, saw the lips speak two words. Tell me. I will! Langdon screamed, the water almost to his eyes. Let me out! Ill explain everything! Its so simple. The mans lips moved ray ban black again. Tell me now . . . or die. With the water rising through the final inch of air space, Langdon tipped his head back to keep his mouth above the waterline. As he did so, warm liquid poured into his eyes, blurring his vision. Arching his back, he pressed his mouth against the Plexiglas window. Then, with his ray ban black last few seconds of air, Robert Langdon shared the secret of how to decipher the Masonic Pyramid. As he finished speaking, the liquid rose around his lips. Instinctively, Langdon drew a final breath and clamped his mouth shut. A moment later, the fluid covered

trance healing, the Jewish Kaparot ceremony, even the eating of the figurative body and blood of Christ. Im dreaming, Langdon knew. This video will create chaos. He could imagine what would happen if the prominent leaders of Russia or the Islamic world were seen in a video, pressing knives to bare chests, swearing violent oaths, performing mock murders, lying in symbolic coffins, and drinking wine from a human skull. The global outcry would be instantaneous and overwhelming. God help us . . . On-screen now, the initiate was raising the skull to his lips. He tipped it backward . . . draining the blood-red wine . . . sealing his oath. Then he lowered the skull and gazed out at th ray ban black e assembly around him. Americas most powerful and trusted men gave contented no ray ban black ds of acceptance. Welcome, brother,

news she had just confirmed with her very own eyes. My research is safe. All of it. Her labs holographic data drives had been destroyed tonight, but earlier, at the House of the Temple, Peter had informed her that he had been secretly keeping backups of all her Noetic research in the SMSC executive offices. You know Im utterly fascinated with your work, he had explained, and I wanted to follow your progress without disturbing you. Katherine? a deep voice called o ray ban black ut. She looked up. A lone figure stood in silhouette at the base of the illuminated monument. Robert! She hurried over and hugged hi ray ban black m. I heard the good news, Langdon whispered. You must be relieved. Her voice cracked with emotion. Incredibly. The research Peter had saved was a scientific tour de forcea massive collection of

down and hurried across, determined to end the matter once and forever. I saw my wife and the maid hurrying back along the lane, but I did not stop to speak with them. In the cottage lay the secret which ray ban black was casting a shadow over my life. I vowed tha ray ban black t, come what might, it should be a secret no longer. I did not even knock when I reached it, but turned the handle and rushed into the passage. It was all still and quiet upon the ground floor. In the kitchen a kettle was singing on the fire, and a large black cat lay coiled up in the basket; but there was no sign of the woman whom I had seen before. I ran into the other room, but it was equally deserted. Then I rushed up the stairs, only to find two other rooms empty and deserted at the top. There was no one at all in the whole house. The

table shed a feeble light which sufficed to show me that he was fully dressed. Suddenly, as I looked, he rose from his chair, and walking over to a bureau at the side, he unlocked it and drew out one of the drawers. From this he took a paper, and returning to his seat he flattened it out beside the taper on the edge of the table, and began to study it with m ray ban black inute attention. My indi ray ban black gnation at this calm examination of our family documents overcame me so far that I took a step forward, and Brunton, looking up, saw me standing in the doorway. He sprang to his feet, his face turned livid with fear, and he thrust into his breast the chart-like paper which he had been originally studying. So! said I. This is how you repay the trust which we have reposed in you. You will leave my service to-morrow.

postpone my holiday, and as to my companion, neither the country nor the sea presented the slightest attraction to him. He loved to lie in the very centre of five millions of people, with his filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive to every little rumo ray ban black ur or suspicion of unsolved crime. Appreciation of Nature found no place among his many gifts, and his only change was when he turned his mind from the evil-doer of the ray ban black town to track down his brother of the country. Finding that Holmes was too absorbed for conversation, I had tossed aside the barren paper, and leaning back in my chair, I fell into a brown study. Suddenly my companions voice broke in upon my thoughts. You are right, Watson, said he. It does seem a very preposterous way of settling a dispute. Most

England of the future. I suppose that man Phelps does not drink? I should not think so. Nor should I, but we are bound to ta ray ban black ke every possibility into account. The poor devil has certainly got himself into very deep water, and its a question whether we shall ever be able to get him ashore. What did you think of Miss Harrison? A girl of strong character. Yes, but she is a g ray ban black ood sort, or I am mistaken. She and her brother are the only children of an iron-master somewhere up Northumberland way. He got engaged to her when travelling last winter, and she came down to be introduced to his people, with her brother as escort. Then came the smash, and she stayed on to nurse her lover, while brother Joseph, finding himself pretty snug, stayed on too. Ive been making a few independent inquiries, you