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in the deans office, and Galloway sensed that his two guests still had no idea how this pyramid could possibly help them reveal anything further. That is why fate brought you to me, he thought. I have a role to play. For many years, the Reverend Colin Galloway, along with his Masonic brothers, had played the role of gatekeeper. Now it was all changing. I am no longer a gatekeeper . . . I am a guide. Professor Langdon? Galloway said, reaching out across his desk. Take my hand if you will. Robert Langdon fe ray ban 3269 polarized lt uncertain as he stared across at Dean Galloways outstretched palm. Are we going to pray? Politely, Langdon reached out and placed his right hand in the deans withered ray ban 3269 polarized hand. The old man grasped it firmly but did not begin to pray. Instead, he found Langdons index finger and guided it

Yes! Langdon shouted, having seen the extensive array of symbols when the pyramid had lain on the floor upstairs. But I have no ide ray ban 3269 polarized a what they mean! You need to go to Eight Franklin Square! The answer is there! Thats what the capstone Professor, you and I both know the CIA is waiting for me there. I have no intention of walking into a trap. Besides, I didnt need the street number. There is only one building on that square that could possibly be relevantthe Almas Shrine Temple. He paused, staring down at Langdon. The Ancien ray ban 3269 polarized t Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Langdon was confused. He was familiar with the Almas Temple, but he had forgotten it was on Franklin Square. The Shriners are . . . The Order? Their temple sits atop a secret staircase? It made no historical sense whatsoever,

moments. Pressing a shining dagger to the initiates bare chest . . . threatening impalement should the initiate inappropriately reveal the Mysteries of Masonry . . . describing the blackand-white floor as representing the living and the dead . . . outlining punishments that included having ones throat cut across, ones tongue torn out by its roots, and ones body buried in the rough sands of the sea . . . Langdon stared. Am I really witnessing this? Masonic initiation rites had remained shrouded in secrecy for centuries. The only descriptions that had ever ray ban 3269 polarized been leaked were written by a handful of estranged brothers. Langdon had read those accounts, ray ban 3269 polarized of course, and yet to see an initiation with his own eyes . . . this was a much different story. Especially edited this way. Langdon could

today and included many of his controversial revisions, among them the re ray ban 3269 polarized moval of the virgin birth and the resurrection. Incredibly, the Jeffersonian Bible had been presented to every incoming member of Congress during the first half of the nineteenth century. Peter, you know I find this topic fascina ray ban 3269 polarized ting, and I can understand that it might be tempting for bright minds to imagine the Scriptures contain hidden meaning, but it makes no logical sense to me. Any skilled professor will tell you that teaching is never done in code. Im sorry? Teachers teach, Peter. We speak openly. Why would the prophetsthe greatest teachers in historyobscure their language? If they hoped to change the world, why would they speak in code? Why not speak plainly so the world could understand? Peter glanced back

of any help to you in any Ay, well just ask ye when we want ye, said she, and shut the door in my face. Annoyed at the churlish rebuff, I turned my back and walked home. All evening, though I tried to think of other things, my mind would still turn to the apparition at the window and the rudeness of the woman. I determined to say nothing about the former to my wife, for she is a nervous, highly strung woman, and I had no wish that she would share the unpleasant impression which had been produced upon myself. I remarked to her, however, before I fell asleep, that the cottage was now occupied, to wh ray ban 3269 polarized ich she ret ray ban 3269 polarized urned no reply. I am usually an extremely sound sleeper. It has been a standing jest in the family that nothing could ever wake me during the night. And yet somehow on that particular

a curious collection. Very curious, and the story that hangs round it will strike you as being more curious still. These relics have a history then? So much so that they are history. What do you mean by that? Sherlock Holmes picked them up one by one, and laid them along the edge of the table. Then he reseated himself in his chair and looked them over with a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes. These, said he, are all that I have ray ban 3269 polarized left to remind me of the adventure of the Musgrave Ritual. I had heard him mention the case more than once, though I had never been able to gather the details. I should be so glad, said I, if you would give me an account of it. And leave the litter as it i ray ban 3269 polarized s? he cried, mischievously. Your tidiness wont bear much strain after all, Watson. But I should be glad that you

had an education, and was already marked for the sword-belt. But the girl held true to me, and it seemed that I would have had her when the Mutiny broke out, and all hell was loose in the country. We were shut up in Bhurtee, the regiment of us with half a battery of artillery, a company of Sikhs, and a lot of civilians and women-folk. There were ten thousand rebels ro ray ban 3269 polarized und us, and they were as keen as a set of terriers round a rat-cage. ray ban 3269 polarized About the second week of it our water gave out, and it was a question whether we could communicate with General Neills column, which was moving up country. It was our only chance, for we could not hope to fight our way out with all the women and children, so I volunteered to go out and to warn General Neill of our danger. My offer was accepted, and I talked

e, we have had some trouble with a tradesman. Thats not quite good enough, answered Forbes. We have reason to beli ray ban 3269 polarized eve that you have taken a paper of importance fro the Foreign Office, and that you ran in here to dispose of it. You must come back with us to Scotland Yard to be searched. It was ray ban 3269 polarized in vain that she protested and resisted. A four-wheeler was brought, and we all three drove back in it. We had first made an examination of the kitchen, and especially of the kitchen fire, to see whether she might have made away with the papers during the instant that she was alone. There were no signs, however, of any ashes or scraps. When we reached Scotland Yard she was handed over at once to the female searcher. I waited in an agony of suspense until she came back with her report. There were no